Poor Cluster Quality in SPSS

I'm conducting an analysis where I need to group my respondents to interest clusters. I have 34 interests and respondents could select multiple items. All these variables are binary, so I recoded all answers to 1/0. I'm aware that conducting hierarchical cluster analysis on binary data is not recommended so tried the two step clustering. In all the combinations I tried the cluster quality is poor.

I tried the following so far -
1) clustering all the 34
2) clustering just those which have over 5% presence in the sample (28)
3) creating factors (6 factors) and cluster the factors (I know that you are not suppose to run factor analysis on binary data either but both the KMO was high enough and the factors made sense so I gave it a go)
4) use the factor grouping to create 6 aggregated variables manually which shows the interest levels in certain interest groups (like Interest in training= Interest in Training Delivery + Interest in Training design) so I ended up with 6 variables that shows the level of engagement in certain topic groups.
5) standardize the topic groups I created in point 4 and cluster those

Whatever I tried so far gave poor cluster quality, so I was wondering if it is possible that I'm not able to cluster my respondents based on interests at all?

If you have any suggestions what to try next, please let me know.