Probability question

The govt. of ontario decided it would try to raise money by installing photo radar cameras on the 401 highway acros the top of Toronto. The camera would be set to record the speed of those travelling more that 135 km/h and send them a ticket for $200. It would only run the program between the hours of 6 and 7 pm, during which time it would use radar on exactly 2000 of which 1% would be ticketed.

a) What is the probability that more than 25 cars get ticketed?
P(x>=26) = 1 - P(x<=25)
= 1 - binom.dist(25,2000,0.01,true)

^ is this correct to assume this is binomial?

b) What is the expected revenue to the government, assuming all tickets are paid?

How do I go on about calculating this?

Any help?



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The excel formula is correct. BINOM.DIST(25,2000,0.01,TRUE)
The average number of ticked cars is n*p (2000*0.01), which is also the mean of the binomial distribution.

Mean = ∑xi*pi = n*p

multiply by $200 per ticked car.