Probit Analysis Help

Can someone help on Probit analysis in the toxicity of Copper sulfate pentahydrate on brine shrimp?

I am just a Hisg school student and I really dont know how to use the Probit Analysis on my Statistics page in my Research.
I am currently conducting a study on "Lethal Dose of Copper sulfate pentahydrate on Brine shrimp (Artemia salina). And I am currently stuck in my Statistics because I dont know how to use to Probit's Analysis. If someone out there is willing to help, I'll send you the data I've gathered. Thank You!


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Are you talking about Logistic Regression with a Probit link?

What statistical program will you be using and can you better describe your variables (independent, dependent, continuous, categorical, number of levels, etc.)?
Since you are in high school why not just do a linear regression? This technique would be called the "linear probability model" and is now defunct, but since you're in high school I would think it could be sufficient for your purposes.

That said, kudos on being a high schooler and trying to implement a probit.


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Oh yeah, if you are in in high school and have even heard of problt kudos:)

You would probably have an easier time to run logit rather than probit, because interpretations are somewhat easier and it is used a lot more these days. The same software that runs probit will almost certainly run logit - they are simply different link functions assuming different distributions.

To answer your question we have to have more details of what you are trying to do, run the software, interpret results, etc. It would help to know which software you are running as they all differ somewhat.