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Can i get some help in writing a code.

I have 3 csv files, 6 columns in each file.

1) I need to take average of each column in each file separately. ~ 6 values per file
2) find minimum average value for each column across all 3 files (min value of average across the three files for column 1) ~ 6 values in all
3) Plot the minimum average values for each column


##how to apply min operation for each column separately for all files? As in column 2 minimum average value for 3 files. Above statement takes min across all columns.

for (i in filelist)
Hey for min you have to loop through the columns of your cvs.

Adressing specific data is done by dat[x,y] so for dat[x,] you get the row x and dat[,y] gives you colunm y

so using a for statement and in each iteration you use the next column.

Or just as you did with mean use apply(dat,2,min)