Question hiow to sett up this partial correlation

Hi All, I am confused how to set up the following partial corr. I want to partial out Years of Supervisory Experience from correlations of males and females on a measure. There some significant differences between the scores of males and females on some factors of the measure. In trying to find out why this difference on the measure occurred, I found that sexes had significant differences of years of experience. Therefore I want to partial years of experience out to determine if that is affecting the differences on the measure. I am confused as to what correlations i need to be working with.
Thanks Ann


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Have you looked at Pearson's Correlation? Are these data normally distributed? Will you be using a software program, if so which one?


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What software are you using.

I use SAS and can run a Pearson's Correlation procedure while generating the partial correlation coefficient. Its pretty straightforward.

Have you searched for Pearson Correlation, you can't get half way through typing it without auto-population options prompting you in the right direction in the search engine?