Quick SPSS testing question


I have a data set with two questions:
- whether one visits coffee chains or independent coffee stores - results are set within 1 (chains) and 2 (independent) --- (for which I have 106 for chains and 24 for independents equalling a total of 130 responses)
- whether these locations have a loyalty card - results are set within 1 (yes) and 2 (no) --- (for which I have 79 yes and 51 no equalling the same total of 130 responses)

As the test for normality comes back negative, I was wondering which test I can do after that to assess whether there is a statistically significant difference between the two with respect to having a loyalty card?

I assumed I could do the Mann-Whitney Test but if I understand it correctly, that requires for the results to be ranked but for my loyalty card question they cannot be ranked as they are all either 1s or 2s - is there another SPSS test I can do?

Thank you very much for your help!