R code error for ETS

Hi I use the following R codes for ETS forecasting in my Rexcel, but whenever the frequency of the data is high there is an error and the code do not run.
Given below are my codes:

zz <- ts(zz,freq=365,start=c(2009,1))

etsz <- ets(zz,model="ZZZ")
etszP <- forecast(etsz,h=25)

ets1 <- ets(zz, model="ANN")
ets1P <- forecast(ets1,h=25)

ets2 <- ets(zz, model="AAN")
ets2P <- forecast(ets2,h=25)

ets3<- ets(zz, model="AAA")
ets3P <- forecast(ets3,h=25)

ets4 <- ets(zz, model="AAM")
ets4P <- forecast(ets4,h=25)

ets5 <- ets(zz, model="ANA")
ets5P <- forecast(ets5,h=25)

ets6 <- ets(zz, model="ANM")
ets6P <- forecast(ets6,h=25)

ets7 <- ets(zz, model="AMN")
ets7P <- forecast(ets7,h=25)

ets8 <- ets(zz, model="AMA")
ets8P <- forecast(ets8,h=25)

ets9 <- ets(zz, model="AMM")
ets9P <- forecast(ets9,h=25)

Would be of great help, If i could get a solution to avoid this error, the error takes place for ARIMA also.