R - Finding Frequency - Bar Graph or Percentage? Which should be used or both?

[R] -How to Find Frequency - Bar Graph or Percentage? Which is best or both?

Would the Bar Graph attached be sufficient when they ask to "Find Frequency"?


Do I need to find the specific percentage probability? If the latter, how would I go about getting the number...percentage for the probability.

I have provided all of my work below to show everything I have done and how I got there, just not sure if bar graph is ok or I need actual number as a percentage too...and how to find that.

What is the frequency of a “severe” windstorm (peak wind gusts greater than 25 m/s)? Use both datasets combined to answer this.

First, we stack both variable values on top of each other, next we filter the windstorm to keep only values greater than 25 m/s, next create a frequency table and create a histogram based on that frequency table using the following code.

y<-c(pre.y,post.y) # stacking both variabe values
> y<-y[y>25] # filtering to keep oly 'severe' windstorms
> y.freq<-table(y) # creating frequency table
> y.freq
25.2 25.7 26.2 26.8 27.3 27.8 28.3 28.8 29.3 29.8 30.4 30.9 31.4 31.9 32.9 33.4
6 8 6 9 3 1 5 6 1 5 5 8 2 5 7 4
34.5 35.5 36 38.1 39.6 40.6 42.7
2 1 2 1 1 1 1
> barplot(y.freq, main="Frequency of a 'severe' windstorm",
+ xlab="Wind speed in m/s",axis.lty=1,space=0)

The Graph shows no obvious rend in histogram like decreasing or
increasing. The frequency of the severe windstorm is irregular
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Hmm, well we can only work with what you present. To me it never says create a figure. I interpret it as how many storms w/ winds > 25. So it would be a number and percentage out of the total storms (i.e., # > 25 / all storms). But if you are suppose to graph this it is still hard to interpret. I would have to sum all of these frequencies to figure out frequency of interest and that number does not take into account the total, and same with using a histogram.
is it cool if I PM you with all the details of this and all the answers I already have, maybe you can take a look at it for me. I attempted to Find the Frequency, if you could maybe let me know if I did it accurately though. Thanks
I guess since I'm new I can't PM you. Are you able to PM me so I can then reply with all the details and my answers to see if I did it correctly, when finding frequency?