R markdown embed googlevis plot into wordpress

Dear All,

I have two questions.
First One:
Plot M opens html but do not show any graph. The screen is empty. WHY?
M=gvisMotionChart(Fruits, idvar="Fruit", timevar="Year")
plot(M)#the pages open but no graphs shown
Second One:
I was searching to embed googlevis chart into wordpress website but no luck to find and do. Is there a way to embed interacive chart from googlevis into wordpress. Please use above code. If use markdown, it is much better or without markdown it is fine.
Thank you.
Likely a google issue. I recognize your code as the example code in the googleVis package, so it should work. I get the same result on my end after running it, with the latest googleVis installed.

I believe this package works by sending your data to a google server and returns a rendered object (motion chart in this case), so whatever the issue, it's likely due do something on that end.

If you're looking for something similar to this, there's an extension made in ggplot2: http://www.ggplot2-exts.org/gganimate.html

I'm sure there are others too.