Randomization checks - what is the best way?


Currently, I am writing my thesis and I finally gathered all my data. I measured a lot (ended up with about 22 possible IVs), and now I want to perform randomization checks to see whether there are differences between four groups. I have tried doing randomization checks last week with my data set, and ended up performing a lot of different tests, such as chi-squares, one-way ANOVAs, etc, but my supervisor mentioned that this was remarkable and told me that I could just test all variables at once by running a MANOVA, with "Condition" as the dependent variable. How badly I want to believe this, I was wondering what your opinions are on this. Something in me tells me that this is just not the correct way, since I have a lot of variables.

So, my question is, what is the best way to perform randomization checks, and can I rely on the MANOVA?

Thank you!