Regression Analysis?

I am looking for a relationship between a nominal and an interval variable.

After reading another post it seems that a regression analysis was the best bet,
however I'm not sure it is applicable on my subject.

I want to research weather if countries are member of the european union has an effect on the number of companies created in that country for that year.

So I have all the data for 2004-2014 for the 27 EU countries on number of companies created.
Taking note that Romania and Bulgaria only accessed the EU in 2007 that will be an important year for our measurements.

But I'm not sure which kind of test(s) I need to use for this.

Thanks for your help :)


TS Contributor
This does not quite look like a software (SPSS)-related problem?

Maybe a multilevel modeling approach could be used here, or some
ideas from time series analysis. I'd recommend to ask your supervisor,
the design of the data analysis might be a bit complcated.

Just my tuppence