Regression Question Regarding Wins

I am sure this is really basic and I am missing something but I have a bunch of stats and I want to see if they correlate to winning a game (not match) in volleyball. In my data set I have the dependent variable which is binary (True for Win, False for Loss). Then I have a bunch of serve quality ratings like Ace, Error, Good. So the data would be many rows of the following columns Win/Loss, Ace%, Err%, Good% and would look something like the picture below (sorry for the size).

How should I be approaching this to figure out if it correlates to winning or losing a game. I don't want this dependent on the team so in my data set there are exactly as many wins as losses so I can't correlate to a win%. I am sure this is easy but I have been spinning my wheels in excel trying to figure this out using correl function or using the regression data function but it doesn't work with True/False. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!



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Hi Doublej,

Did you try logistic regression?
Usually, you don't use the regression to choose IVs.
If you do you should choose a smaller significance level