repeat random sample from existing data

Hi everyone,

I'm a novice with stata and am trying to figure out how to draw 2 sets of random samples from existing data 1000 times for a kind of quasi-simulation. The first set would just be a simple randomization; the second set has to be block-randomized. How do I do this?


Sampling with or without replacement?
-help sample-
Or perhaps you want -help bootstrap- (or the related -bsample-)


Okay, so -sample- it is.

Something like:
tempfile results // temporary file to store simulations
set seed 1 // ensures repeatable results
foreach simulation of 1/1000 {
    preserve // preserves your original dataset
    sample x // replace x with your sample %, or use the count option
    gen group=rbinomial(1, 0.5) // randomises the sampled observations into two groups
    (do your statistical procedure eg ttest y, by(group))
    (+/- convert the results to a dataset)
    gen simulation=`simulation' // marks results with simulation #
    capture append using `results' // adds these results to the results dataset
    save using `results', replace
use `results', clear
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