Repeated Measures unable to Post-hoc

I am trying to run a mixed ANOVA; 2 fixed factors (mouse strain [Strain] and drug treatment [Treatment]) and 1 repeated factor (gas challenge, performed in series [Breath]). The ANOVA end of things runs fine, but I am crippled at the post-hoc level. Any time I try to run an LSMEANS or MEANS function the resulting output is grouped by Breath. This means I cannot run a meaningful post-hoc for Strain and Treatment alone -- I get different results for each breath. Note I have access to SAS 9.0.

Here is a sample of my code (I've tried PROC MIXED and PROC ANOVA with little or no success):

PROC GLM DATA=stats.fentanyl3;
CLASS Strain Treatment;
MODEL Breath1 Breath2 Breath3 Breath4 = Strain Treatment Strain*Treatment;
REPEATED Breath 4 / mean summary type=un;
LSMEANS treatment | block /ADJUST=TUKEY;

Can SAS run a post-hoc analysis with fixed and repeated factors and not be bound by repeated measures variable structure (each level of breath is its own separate column)?
If so how?

Note I've thought about collapsing Breath into one variable and re-running the analysis on Treated and Strain alone. However, I'm afraid this would distort my post hoc testing.