Rsearch Design


I am currently writing my dissertation. My lecturer told me my research design is repeated measure with multiple groups, however she is currently off on sick leave and have been told other lecturers can not help me.

I am questioning her choice (unwisely probably), as I can not seem to get any p value in spss results. My research consists of:

3 separate sports teams. All of which will be wearing a GPS monitor collecting physiological data from 9 games per team.

  • 3 x team
  • 9 x data collections per team

I would like to cross examine the data of 3 teams to look for statistical difference etc between the 3 teams.

My problem lies in which test to perform in SPSS that will allow me to look at a field of data across 3 teams. I can not seem to get the repeated measure ANOVA to show a significant difference, it just listed as 0 (infinite 0's). Would I have to perform a paired test comparing 1vs2, 2vs3 etc.

Thankyou in advance, I am sure any response will be able to shed some light on my predicament.