Running a Long-Run Structural VAR (SVAR)

Good day,

I am trying to run a 9 variable structural var with long-run restrictions. I used economic theory to impose restrictions rather than the Cholesky decomposition. However I am really confused as to what Matrix 'C' is in the Stata Manual.

It is said there that

yt= Abar(inverse) B et= C et

I understand where Abar (inverse) came from yet I am confused as to the meaning of Bet.

Does it mean that for example a impose a restriction such that C[5,3] = 0 it follows that the long run response of variable 5 to the structural shocks affecting variable 3 is zero? And I don't have to worry about the meaning of Abar inverse and Bet?

Sorry for the trivial question, I am just confused.

Thank you :)