SA ETS - Date Variable


In order for the SAS ETS procedures to work there should be a date variable in the data set. This variable must be equally spaced. If there are missing values we should place the ".". If there are non working days e.g. weekends then we should not include any dates that correspond to weekends. SO for example if 4th of May is Saturday and the weeends are non working days then date variable should be like this:
May, 3
May, 6
May, 10
May, 13

What if we have a working day e.g. Wednsesday that was a public holiday. We must include this date, otherwiose the date would not be equally spaced. What value should we put for our variable of interest corresponding to this date? Is it goint to be the regular missing value "." or something else to declare that this was a working day but exceptionally it is non working day?

Thnaks in advance,