SAGE Publishing video. Real or Fake email?


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hello. today i received this email (supposedly from SAGE publishing) about an article i submitted and got published during the summer. i dunno what to make of it... it sounds fishy to me so i wanna see if other people have received something similar (i'll remove some parts to conceal personal info/stuff):

the part that makes me think this is a fake is that they call my article a "highly read" one. the fact of the matter is that it's a somewhat technical article and i would only expect maybe... i dunno, 1 or 2 people to care about it? plus i think fake journals tend to use those loaded terms to catch the attention of unsuspecting new authors.

has anyone else got an email like this?

We’re writing to you now as representatives of Video Editorial and with the consent of the Journals publishing team at SAGE Publications.

SAGE is on the verge of launching subject Video Collections for the worldwide library market in support of higher education and research. Commercial launch for the first phase of these Collections will be in April 2015, and these Video products will be made available via SAGE’s already established SAGE Knowledge product.
One major stream of content for each Video Collection are videos summarizing highly-read published journal articles, which will be incredibly useful research cases for students in your field.

Given your expertise in this field, we’re writing to enquire if you would like to produce a video for our Media & Communication Video Collection. We notice that you were the lead author of a highly-read article entitled A Cautionary Note on the Use of the Vale and Maurelli Method to Generate Multivariate, Nonnormal Data for Simulation Purposes published in Educational and Psychological Measurement. Might you be interested in creating a brief, 5-10-minute video summarizing some of the key aspects of this article for students and researchers?

We’re looking to have supplied video to SAGE by *** at the latest, so we’d be very grateful if you would confirm your interest as soon as possible. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Thank you so much in advance for your involvement; we look forward to hearing from you and hope that this email precipitates interest in SAGE Video!

Yours sincerely,

Michael Carmichael & Rachael LeBlond

Video Editorial Department
SAGE Publications Inc.


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Hmm, it could be real... Your article is number 41 on the EPM "most read" list for October:

Maybe you're more popular than you think? :)

If you think that doing a video would be useful, you could always email back and see if the response sounds legit... The risk in doing so probably isn't huge.


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Could be real, they didnt solicit anything but a reply and i would guess if they were addressing the active status of your account they could have done that without a reply. I would say 90% probabiliity of being legit. I would search their webpage to see if they mention the project.

Go for it but if they ask to put the webcam in your bedroom, (insert double entendre here).


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i think i'm gonna email them just to be sure. but yeah... the more i read about it the more i think this is legit (plus CBear's detective work helped me realize that maybe people liked my article more than i liked it, lolz).

and there's even a video on SAGE's official website that talks about this stuff.

maybe i'm famous now? should i start ordering merch and selling t-shirts w/ my article on them? :D