[Sampling] Which type of sampling to use in this case

I would appreciate any help in this case took from a book (without answers and tips):

Consider that a court wishes to evaluate the proportion of inhabitants in some municipality who were victims of some type of violence and there is no database with the identification of the inhabitants of that location.

In this case, the application of simple random sampling will not be adequate to select the inhabitants of the municipality

Could I not randomly select a simple sample of this population and separate the victims and non-victims of some type of violence to determine the proportion?

Thank you very much for any help.
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Compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of random sampling versus stratified random sampling in this scenario. With simple random sampling, would certain groups (geographic or demographic) tend to be under or over represented in your sample? Would there be any selection biases? ...response biases?
I was thinking if the fact that the population does not have database is decisive for choosing a non-probabilistic sampling, such as quotas.