Simple Pre Post Survey Results

Hello, I have the following setup

30 individuals, comprising
* 3 ethnicities
* 3 occupations
10 survey questions (answers from 1 to 10)

Before an intervention, I took a pre-survey.

After the intervention, I took a post-survey.

I want to compare the results between the pre and post surveys.

Since the reponses in the survey questions are 1-10, then are they not 'normally distributed' ? Are they categorical?

What kind of test should I use to compare the results between ethnicities and occupations? Also, I want to compare the results within ethnicities, stratified by occupation. And I want occupations, stratified by ethnicities.

Would this be a paired t-test? I would not think so, since the answers to the survey are 1-10 (and not a continuous, normal distribution)?

This questions seems very common, so does anyone know a step-by-step tutorial for SPSS for something similar? I haven't seen anything on the web.