SPSS 2 way ANOVA with nominal data

I have to analyze data from an in class experiment. The experiment had 4 total conditions (2 IVs, each with 2 levels) and tested memory recall (DV) using a 2-item forced choice recognition test. My group is planning on calculating our DV (recall) as the percentage of participants who chose the incorrect answer on the recognition test for each condition. We have to use a 2 way repeated measures ANOVA (requirement), but we have only nominal data to input so I don't know if I can make the descriptive statistics show up properly, since we're actually only interested in the percentage of participants who got the recognition test wrong in each condition and not the answers of each individual participant. I'm sorry if it's confusing, English is not my first language so it's hard for me to explain properly.

But if it helps, I basically want to know how to use nominal data in a 2 way repeated measures ANOVA and have it show up as ratio data on the stat. analyses. Because we measured our DV as nominal data (this was approved by our instructor), but we need to calculate it as ratio data (also requirement).