SPSS and Census

Hi guys,

I am trying to calculate a fertility ratio out of a census by group of age. The two main variables I need that are actually found in the census are women from 15 to 49 yrs old and children from 0 to 5 yrs old.

If I take the Child-Women Ratio (CWR) of the population, I just divide the number of children from 0 to 5 yrs old / women from 15 to 49 yrs old = CWR.

But the problem comes when I want to calculate that ratio by group of age (15-19 ; 20-24 ; 25-34; 35-44 ; 45 +). So I need to 'link' children to their mother. I just don't know how to manipulate the data.

There are not actual calculus here, but only data manipulation so I can after it, select the Frequency function and show the occurence.

Another variable I have in the dataset is also the 'relation to the head', which tells me the relation of the individual to the father (so I look for son, daughter and spouse of the same family) and I also have a variable called 'family unit' which indicate thanks to a family number to which family the mother and the children belong.

I cannot just filter the women by group age and then divided by the number of children from 0 to 5. I need to get the children which are associated to the women of the group age. Well, this is how I understand it.

Here is an example I made up on Excel to help visualize what I mean.


Is anyone has any idea how to make that work ?

Your help would be a lifesaver !

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