SPSS Automatic Linear Modeling: 0.000 and -0.000 appearing in module table

The modules that appear after creating a linear regression model using the Automatic
Linear Modeling procedure in SPSS include tables where the coefficients and standard errors for the predictors are often 0.000 and -0.000 (for the former). My questions are:

1) How can I increase the number of decimal places shown?
2) If those coefficients are so small, how are the variables kept in the corrected model and are still important? What's the explanation for how measures of such small importance are
influential enough to stay in the model anyway?


Super Moderator
What is your response variable? What is the predictor that has this tiny coefficient? It's probably something to do with the scale of the predictor.

IIRC just double-click on the cell in question to view the figure output to more decimal points.