[SPSS] - Connection/Correlation between two dependent variables (nominal and ordinal)

Hi community,

I tried to find some answers in the forum and on Researchgate, but I was not lucky so far.

Background: I am analyzing a survey in which I asked experts to rate the importance of specific factors by using one Likert-like item per factor (1=Not important to 5=Very Important). Furthermore, for each of the 14 factors, I asked them to choose a specific time period of when they think the factor is most important (e.g. Towards the End OR At the Beginning of the Transition).

With the help of the cross tab function in SPSS, I realized that those who rated the factor higher also seemed to be more likely to choose the option that the factor remains important throughout the entire transitional phase. This seems to be a general trend across most of the factors.

My question: Is there a method that I can use to highlight and validate that those who rated the factor with a "5=Very Important" were also more likely to choose "factor remains important during the entire transitional phase"?
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