SPSS: Mixed design ANOVA or paired sample t-test for both groups separately

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I want to test wether the decrease in sleep quality of my sample is different for the two types of conditions. I did a paired sample t test while using split file (so seperately for condition 1 and condition 2) and i did a mixed within between subjects anova where i tested the interaction time(sleep before, sleep after)*condition

I expected to have the same outcome for both test but this is not the case. The interaction in the ANOVA is not signficant, while the ttest showes a significant decrease in 1 condition and not in the other.

How do i interpret this?

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The difference between significant and not significant is itself not significant.

I'd assume that the second group also showed a decrease, but it just was not
large enough to reach "signficance" in the t-test for that separate group. And
I'd assume that the decrease was somewhat different between groups, but the
difference of decrease just wasn't large enough to be distiguished from chance.

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Dear Karabiner,

I really appreciate your answer, thank you! Your assumption about the second group was right indeed.
I am now thinking about how to report this in my article. Would you suggest reporting the ANOVA result and not the t-test? (i will also report the mean scores before and after for both groups).

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I do not know the context, or study details, or your research questions.
But a mixed ANOVA maybe is the appropriate analysis, providing you
with the answers you seek. In contrast, the difference between the t-test
results seems hardly interpretable.

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