SPSS newbie

Hi everyone,

I'm a total newbie to SPSS and I have to conduct a analysis where I assess the snack consumption among the participants. They were asked at 8 moments during the past 24 hours what they consumed. I have to report now whom eat more than 2 servings of snacks and who did not. Therefore I computed all the possible snack items like chocolate or chips in a new variable when I realised that this new variable now includes all chocolate and chip which where eaten by the participants troughout the day. But I'm just interested in the eatingmoments of 2,4,6,8 which represents the food which was eaten between meals (1 is yesterdays dinner, 3 is breakfast, 5 is lunch and 7 is todays dinner). Does anyone know what I could do now? I would really really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance. Greetings