SPSS - repeated measures ANOVA (1 between subjects factor, 3 within subjects facotrs)

I'm using a windows 10 system and SPSS 23.

I'm struggling with the procedure to analyze my data. My design has 4 factors: 1 is a between subject factor (there are two different groups of people that I tested) and the other 3 factors are within subjects (size - 9 levels, pattern - 4 levels, and color - 2 levels - of the stimulus). Each stimulus, therefore, was a combination of a certain size, a certain pattern and a certain color. My dependent variable is the reaction time of the subjects to give a response to the presented stimulus. My data are organized in the long format. I'd like, first of all, to evaluate the effects of both the between subjects factor and the within subjects ones. I would go for a repeated measures anova but I don't know how to correctly fill in the sections (especially those concerning the within subjects variables). How should I perform my ANOVA? A mixed-model analysis would be probably better? I am sorry if my question may seem trivial, I am quite new to statistics with SPSS. I am really thankful for your attention and I hope the answers to my question will help other people, too!

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Re: SPSS - repeated measures ANOVA (1 between subjects factor, 3 within subjects faco

If you want to perform repeated-measures ANOVA, you will first have to restructure your data
into wide format. I.e. each combination receives a variable of ist own, for example
lev1pat1.col1, lev1pat1.col2,...,lev9.pat4.col2 . There's a tool implemented in SPSS for
restructuring data. But multilevel modeling would probably work either, if your long format data
are appropriately organized.

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