SPSS view/adjust computation

I got a SPSS file from someone else and I am trying to figure out how to see what computations they used for certain variables. For example if I computed a new variable consisting of the mean of two other variables, how can i see or even adjust the formula used to calculate the new variable? (In for example in Excel it's as simple as clicking on the number and the used formula shows at the top)

I hope someone will be able to tell me how I can do this!


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The SPSS data sheet and the procedures for transforming data are strictly divided.

They could have used just the point-and-click-windows for data transformations,
in which case the formula(s) were never recorded.

Or, the formulas they used for transformations the could have recorded in the
SPSS syntax window, and stored it in a syntax file. You should ask the one who gave
you the file whether there exists a syntax file for it.

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