Standard Deviation not Equal to Standard Error


If the standard deviation of a particular sample with size N is not equal to the standard error for samples of the same size. Can you tell which is larger? If so, why?


A. Yes. The standard deviation gets smaller with increasing sample size, so it must be smaller than the standard error if sample size is greater than 1.

B. No. The standard deviation and the standard error vary systematically, but are not related by sample size.

C. Yes. The standard error is equal to the standard deviation divided by the square root of the sample size. Therefore, the standard error must always be equal to or smaller than the standard deviation.

D. No. The standard deviation and the standard error are not systematically related to each other.

Thank you so much!
Thank you Josephine for giving us a chance to consider these alternatives.

Personally I solved it by googling on the title. Google is your (and mine) friend in your studies.

About your other thread, please note that there is a normal table on top here, close to “Forum” just below the TalksStats logo. That's a standard normal distribution. (← the last one was a small hint to solve your problem.)