Statistical tests to use when comparing different Likert scales?

I am conducting a research to test for participant motivation in a social movement project. I have grouped the motives into 5 different categories such as: collective, norm-oriented, reward, identification and intrinsic.

My survey questions is a series of Likert scales, where there are 3 questions for each motive category (therefore 5 Likert scales in total).

With this dataset collected, I would like to do the following:
1) Compute responses for all 3 questions under 1 Likert scale
2) Compare between the Likert scales to see which has the highest score
3) Compare responses between different demographics

As I am fairly new to stats, I am not sure what are the best types of statistics test to use for each of the above 3 questions. I have thought about using t-tests but I'm not sure if it is appropriate in this case. I would really appreciate any feedback or advice given.


TS Contributor
You could use dependent sample t-tests for pairwise comparisons between
scores on the Likert scales. For comparison between demographics, t-tests,
linear regression and oneway-ANOVA could be considered, depending on the
nature of the demographics and on sample size.

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