statistics 101-statistical tests help!

Hi. I'm really sorry if this question is in the wrong place. I'm trying to figure out and justify statistical tests to be used for a research proposal - don't have to do the tests just explain and justify my selection.

I am comparing 2 groups. group a has 1 days training and group b has 5 days. I am basically comparing gains between the groups. I am taking measurements at baseline, after training, and at a later follow up stage. At each stage there are 2 measurements; both likert, but one i can justify as ordinal (non parametric) and one as interval (parametric).

Firstly, to compare if the gain is significant within a single groups pre-post measures i propose the wilcoxon matched pairs test for non parametric measure, and a dependent t-test for the parametric measure.

Then, to compare the significance of the difference in gain between group a and b I propose the mann whitney test, and the indipendent t tests.

All four tests will occur again at follow up to compare baseline with follow up outcomes.

I guess i really just want to know if this sounds reasonable/right?
Any help would be great.
Thanks, Vicky