Stats Homework HELP!

EDIT: How can I show effort when I literally have no idea where to start? I am desperate to understand this. I have read the requirements for homework help. I am failing this class. I am taking the class online and have emailed my professor numerous times and have never received a reply. I have to find help SOMEWHERE. If you are unwilling to help people that do not understand statistics in the least, then can someone recommend a site that actually can help for free?? Thanks.

I have tried and tried to understand this but I still have no idea how to even begin this. I have to do well on this homework, I am already not doing well in the class and I need to get my grade up! Please help! Thank you!

Using the raw measurement data presented below, calculate the t value for independent groups to determine whether or not there exists a statistically significant difference between the salaries of female and male human resource managers. Develop a research question, testable hypothesis, confidence level (i.e. set your alpha level), and degrees of freedom. Draw the appropriate conclusions with respect to female and male human resource manager salary levels.

Salary Level:

Female HR Directors


Male HR Directors
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Lets see if we can help you then. I won't give you the answer. But I'll "lead you to the water" though.

Please look up and tell me what a t-test is. Define it for me.

What does it do? What different types of t-tests are there?

How would you calculate a t-test statistic? What is the formula?

We'll continue from there once you have this answered.

Also, to help you out, there should be stat tutors all over your university (on the campus). If you're really serious about getting help, just go to the stat department and either i) look around for tutor postings...or ii) go to the front desk and ask about getting a hold of some tutors.


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When I say I want to see work I mean I want something other than just copying the homework over to the thread.

This could be as simple as "We're working on t-tests right now in the class but I really don't understand how to start. We're supposed to calculate t = (xbar - mu)/s but I don't know what any of those are!"

That would be good enough for me.