Subject responses in multiple period experiment

Hello Everybody,

In an experiment, players play a game for 30 rounds. In each round, they choose either good A or good B.
In various treatments, the incentives are changed in some way. I am interested in studying the difference in frequency of choosing good A in a control vs a treatment.
Can I use each period's decision as a separate observation or should I average among all periods for each individual. If I use each individual's per period decision as an observation, I am afraid there will be correlation between a subject's decisions in each period which might throw off my analysis.
Currently I am using both student t tests just to compare population differences in choosing good A, and also a logit model which estimates a treatment effect. Right now I am using each per period decision as a separate observation, but I do cluster the standard errors by individual.
Any feedback on how I should analyze this data would be greatly appreciated.