Suggestions for analysis of my experiment

Hi. I am here to ask you for advice on the method to analyze the data of my experiment (preferably multivariate analysis).
I am evaluating the effect of 6 drugs + Ctr applied at 6 different times, I am recording 14 variables (quantitative) of each experimental unit, I have several observations per treatment, this experiment has repetitions and randomization.
In this situation, I have a lot of resulting data which I would like to know the best way to analyze them (as a manova for example).
I want to see which drug gives me better results, however I want to see if there are effects of application times or phenomena within the variables.
Thank you very much for your help


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If I understand your design, this sounds like a repeated measures design, so a repeated measures MANOVA should be the appropriate analysis.
yes, you are right but you don't know of any other alternative that would allow me more insight like something with SEM, Pls or another tool.


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Do you have a lot of data - because given the description of your data frame above, false discovery and sparsity seem like they could be issues.