Suppose there's two events, A & B, with P(A)=75% and P(B)=66%. Select all that apply

Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble with this homework question and I really need help figuring it out!

Suppose there are threeevents, A, B, and C, with P(A)=70%, P(B)=20%, and P(C)=10%. Select all that must apply.

1. If B implies A, P(A U B U C) is less than or equal to 80 percent
2. A cannot imply B
3. If C implies A, P(A U B U C) > 90 percent
4. If C implies B, P(A and B and C) is greater than or equal to 10 percent
5. C cannot imply B

I just don't know which formulas determine whether or not these answers are false. i also don't know if I should take independence into account.
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