Survey Design

Dear All,

I would like to design a big survey. The population is around 70 million which is the whole country. The purpose of the design is to ask questions about politics, abortions ...
1)How many people I need to choose?
2)How can I design it so that the sample represents the whole population?
(There are 7 main regions with 80 cities in the country)
3)Are there any resources ,books websites about survey designs that I can check?
Thank you
Hello masarimk
I would suggest you to read Model assisted survey sampling by Särndal, Swensson and Wretman. The modelling bit is optional, but the basic things are well described (imho :)).
You will need a clear definition as to what population parameters you wish to sample, and a frame for your inventory, and that depends on the information that you already have on the population of interest (do you have a list of all people? do children have political opinions? At 10,13, 15, 18, 21 years of age? is there a list of households (with addresses?) Do you need to present data for each of the seven regions with a certain confidence level or is it ok to have an estimate for the whole country? Is the aspect city - city more important than city-rural? or vice versa? or relevant at all? Do you want to present data for women/men, by age group, by education level, etc?)
The book also has suggested "solutions" to non-response issues, and from your description you will most probably need a strategy for that.
Also, there is a Survey package in R for later when you have got your data and need to calculate your estimates.
Good luck! :)


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Also, the more thought and planning you put into this the better the process and outcomes will be. So it is best to take your time, perhaps test or pilot the survey and review those data to understand how people may respond. However, it seems that you are attempting to put in this work. If this is a governmental survey or from a corporation, do you have survey design experts available, there truly is an art to doing surveys right.
Dear Guys,

I ordered Model assisted survey sampling by Särndal, Swensson and Wretma but are there any more resources/books/papers that you guys can suggest me? Thank you for the responses.