Title of MSC award

Applied statistics


Applied Statistics and Stochastic Modelling

Which of these degree titles would you choose if you were unsure exactly what you wanted to do after the course?

I'm thinking Applied Statistics as it's more general.

Does it really make much difference, either in academia or industry?


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Are both at the same institution?

The second leads one to believe it is the same as the first, but also has some stochastic focus. So the second seems more interesting. It interest in either by academia or industry just depends on the content of the field. So it is vary difficult to answer such a broad question.


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Titles are largely meaningless. You need to look at what courses are taught in each and what the courses consist of.
Both at the same institution. The stochastic models title does require stochastic modules, but it is possible to get either award for doing the same modules, which is why I ask. I'm thinking the choice isn't an overly important one but I thought I'd ask.