Tutor needed for R programming help PAID tutor opportunity

Hi my name is Sam. I am looking for a statistics tutor who is familiar with the R programming language.

I have some questions that I need help with and they are in the R programming software. I can compensate you for your time. I can scan and email you the questions I need help with. I will need your help starting Monday November 17 till Friday November 21 for an assignment.

Thank you in advance.
Well, statsman, there seems to be a competition. Someone else is offering 100-150 US$ per hour for a longer project. (And a longer project is worth more than a short one, given a fixed rate per hour.)

How much cakes can you buy for 25 US$, baked or no-baked? (I can't remember which one is the preferred one.)

Edit: I believe that the cakes are supposed to be "baked".
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Greta has made the point very clear that this isn't terribly enticing.

I do less interesting and productive things for free, though, so I can help out under one condition: You elaborate what exactly your Outcomes and Objectives are.