Two way ANOVA


I have 2 groups ('keypad' and 'touch screen'), and each group has teh number of participants who are 'right ahnded and left handed.

For key pad: 45 right handed and 42 left handed
For touch screen: 9 right handed and 15 left handed.

Can I use a two way ANOVA for this? the number of righthanded and left hnded for each group does not really differ, so can I use 2 way anova?

OR DO I need to have the same exact number of participants in each condition in ordr to perform two way ANOVA?

Please help!



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There is no restriction (or requirement) that your data must have exact equal sample sizes in each condition - a so-called "balanced desgin." You would want to use Type III sums of squares for an "unbalanced design"---a software package like SPSS would do this by default.


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You never state what your independent variable is. Is it a continous variable with normally distributed residuals in the ANOVA analyses?