Two-way MANOVA

Hi, how do I fully follow up this MANOVA, please???

2 IVs: Exposure Therapy (2 levels: control, or virtual reality) and Medication (2 levels: Propranolol, or placebo) (Giving 4 treatment groups/combinations)

2 DVs: The CAPS-5 and Skin conductance. (To measure PTSD symptom levels in two forms)

I get I do a two-way MANOVA, and then can do 2 ANOVAs each looking at one DV (with Bonferonni correction).

But to find out which treatment group is having significant effects, assuming MANOVA interaction was sig, and both ANOVAs were sig, will I be doing simple effects tests, scheffe test. This is where I am confused. (This is a theoretical project, so no data is collected, but I must describe what analysis would be used).

Please, any help greatly appreciated!!