Unable to upload attachments

So I've been having trouble uploading attachments. I went into my Settings and selected the drag-and-drop upload option off and on and both do not seem to be working. When the drag-and-drop is on, I get a little red explanation mark and nothing is uploaded. When it is off, I just get an error page.

Any ideas as to why this would be happening? Perhaps it's on my end?

+1 on this. To replicate the problem:

[1] click on [manage attachments]
[2] click on [Add Files]
[3] under "upload files from your computer", clicked [Select Files]
[4] selected a small .txt file from my OS X computer, clicked [Open]
[5] click on [Upload Files]

The [x] icon in the file list immediately changed to a red (!) icon and (of course) the file didn't upload.

I tried this both from Chrome and Firefox browsers.

My configuration:
Chrome 14.0.835.186
Firefox 6.02
Mac OS X 10.6.8

- ff


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I'm not doubting that it happened. I think there was one time when I couldn't upload something. I'm just saying that I haven't had trouble with it lately and I can't replicate the problem. I wonder if quark has any insight into why this might happen.
The attachment system is kind of broken after a recent forum software upgrade. I'll look into it and hopefully have it fixed soon.