URGENT: Factor Analysis

Hi All,

I have a basic factor analysis question. Is there any way you can/should combine the factors you get from a factor analysis output. I realize the correlation between the factors is zero, but I just wanted to check if there is any such known method.



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Why would you want to combine the factors? Generally they are theoretical constructs that may or may not actually exist. Assuming the factors you want to combine have real world meaning (that is what you want to combine them into), then in theory you could find a way to measure that phenomenon I would think. I have never seen that done or even discussed, however. CFA is an exploratory approach only.

It is not true that the correlation between factors is always zero. This is only true when you do orthogonal rotation. There are other forms of rotation where the factors are correlated and that is commonly used in analysis.
Thanks. You're right, it's a theoretical construct I'm trying to arrive at and combining factors isn't the way to go. I'll think of an alternate method.