URGENT: Two-Way Anova or Regression


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Hi, I would really appreciate some help with this.
I am looking to see if employees' organisational history (such as voluntary/involuntary turnover) and their contract type (part or full-time) impacts on their organisational commitment and empowerment.
So I have 2 Dependent Variables (Commitment Questionnaire and Empowerment Questionnaire, both Likert-scales)
And I have 2/3 Independent Variables (Occupational history (3 levels), contract type (2 levels) and I want to use gender as well, to see this impacts on the difference).

I have attempted a Two-Way ANOVA, using 2 IV (Occupational history and contract type) with both of the DV, but both times my Levene's score was significant, and I could not find an answer as to what to do if this is the case? does this mean I cannot use an ANOVA, as the assumptions are not met?

Please anyone help me, either by telling me which Regression to use, or what to do following the significant Levene's score.
Much Appreciated :tup:


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You need to look at the residuals and try to determine what is causing the unequal error variance. A variety of options exist such as weighted least squares and (I think) White's standard errors. If you have unequal error variance likely this is an issue in regression as well. ANOVA and Regression are the same method so what applies to one applies to the other.


I've never had to deal with this myself but remember from a linear model course that a power transformation may stabilize the non-constant error variance.


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Since the op is thinking of using, as shown in another thread, logistic regression I don't think they have to worry about this issue:)