Variance main effect influencing interaction effect

Does variance of one of the two main effects in a 2-way (ANOVA) interaction influence the significance of the interaction effect?

Two analyses are being compared: of brain area A and brain area B. For both brain areas A & B, a 2-way AVOVA is being performed: Treatment (2) x Valence (3).

For brain area A, the variance in Valence is of a magnitude of 0.8. The interaction effect is not significant. The main effect of Treatment is not provided.

For brain area B, the variance in Valence is of a magnitude of 0.2, as well as the variance of Treatment, which is 0.2. The interaction effect is significant for brain area B.

So, I am wondering if it could be the case that for brain area A the absolute difference of Treatment could also be of magnitude 0.2, but that the bigger variance in the main effect of valence causes the interaction effect to be insignificant.

Thanks so much in advance!