Venture Capital methodology

Hi, and apologies beforehand of what might become a wall of text.

We are working on a project to define value drivers in VC-firms, where we might get access to cash flows from individual projects that a number of VC-firms have invested in.

What we want to figure out is which activities done by the VC-firms add most value.

While we do realize that different VC investments has different needs in terms of management consulting, the addition of employees from the VCs network and financing, we hope that the results from our analysis will prove useful during the screening process, in addition to prioritizing resources during the lifetime of the investment itself.

The idea we have so far is to use any non-financial data we get from the VC-firms (hours spent on management consulting, external hirings through their network etc etc etc (this information will hopefully be very detailed when we get responses on our surveys)), translate this data into ordinal data for comparison (for example a 0-10 scale), and use this in a multiple regression analysis to see which activity has the most profound effect on value creation.

This is not a study to compare the value added to non-VC investments and such, just which of the value drivers seem to promote most value added.

In my head this makes perfect sense, but I'm not convinced it's the best way to approach the problem, and there might be a lot of stuff we haven't considered.

Any inputs would be very valuable.