Vertical-Format longitudinal dataset: Fill in missing values for cases

Hi all,

I am running some growth curve analysis in SPSS. My data is in the vertical/stacked format. There are 6 entries for each person since we measures six points in time.

HOWEVER, my model won't run because there is too much missing data. This is because for the demographic data, they only filled in the top case. Does anyone know how to 'fill down' on a case-specific basis? It doesn't seem like I can use Calculate or Recode, or LAG/LEAD.....any thoughts?

A thousand million thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR EXAMPLE, this is what my data looks like:
Remember that SPSS works much like Excel in many ways. You can always sort by a variable, highlight a range, and paste a value. So in your above example, sort by ID, copy the "1" for Interview 0, then select all the blanks and paste. That will give you a "1" for each interview. Just be careful not to paste where you don't want it...