Video Lecture Series: Algebraic Topology (via Univ of New South Wales, anno 2010)


Probably A Mammal
Damnit. Apparently my work computer is so stupid, they didn't install Java so I can download this lecture?! I'd like to spend an off-day at the gym walking or biking while watching this video. Guess I'll do it when I get home. Thanks for this! I'm a math major, but we didn't have any undergraduate topology courses, unfortunately. My school sucked. It's unfortunate, though, because every math student has to have taken at least group theory. Small program, though, so not too many people go on to take more advanced topics. They only offer (abstract) linear algebra, and it's considered a pretty "advanced" course, mainly because the stupid professor tries to get rid of the students, and usually grad students are the only ones left. Ironic, because it's required for the degree! Most people get a substitution. That's how awesome my school was ...

Mean Joe

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I'm just listening to this at work, but wish I could be paying more attention. My goal is to write a full episode summary, some day.

Graphs & Euler's Formula

At 17:50: He's a lost Mario brother! Dude walks off screen to the left and appears back on the right.