What is my formula?

I just took 15 practice questions for the bar exam and I missed all 15 (don't worry for me, this question set was on a subject I have yet to learn :) ). This made my chuckle becuase I thought it was pretty unlikely. There are four answer choices for each question. I know that on average I should at least answer 3.75 correctly. (.25 x 15). But at the outset, what was the probability that I would miss all 15? in other words, if there is a 25% chance of an event occuring over 15 occurrences and that event never occurs, what is the probability? I'm not sure what the formula is.
Only the first zero. The final zero can be 0 or 1. The 1 indicates "or less" or cumulative in stats speak
=BINOMDIST(5,15,25%,0) means exactly 5 out of 15
=BINOMDIST(0,15,25%,1) means 5 or less out of 15