What is the correct statistical test for my data


So I was wondering which test to use for my data I have data on trail length which is my dependant variable and I want to see if there is any significant difference between orientation (East, West, North and South). I have 4 plots that I want to test against one another to see if there is any difference. Can someone help me at trying to identify which test needs to be carried out. As I want to test if roads cause a barrier effect to animal movement and doing so by testing the orientation


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Well, you have been asked several times to describe your study in more detail.
You did not respondto those requests. Instead, you just post the same things
again, in a slightly different manner. What do you expect from us then?
Hi karabiner,

Actually this was a completely different analysis quite similar as you pointed out but a different investigation as this is animal tracks and not vegatation. I have updated the previous thread if you need anymore information dont hesitate to ask on that thread. What would you like to know about this investigation am i happy to help you to help me. Thank you