What is the correct statistical test for percentages?


So I was wondering what is a correct stats test for percentages. So in my data set I have data such as vegetation that will equal up to 100% e.g. bush grass etc but I don't know how to do analysis my data as its the first time I ever done it with percentage. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stuck on this

So this study is a small part of my overall study but I want to distinguish the vegetation abundance and type between areas so that of a control site (n=6) and one near a road (n=6) each plot was that of 50m^2. What I did in my study was observe the different plant species including the percentage of (bush, bare and ground). I thought it would be better to use the percentage as my other data is more present or absent sort of data. If that is more helpful
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Could you first describe your study in some more detail?
What is the topic of your research and what are the research questions?
How was the study designed - how were data collected, which variables
were included and how were they measured, how was the study sample
constructed, how large is your sample?

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